Summary Edit

Capture the flag is a game mode released on 26 October 2017. It is hosted on CTF custom servers and 2-8 players can play. Current server regions include India and the Americas.

How to Play Edit

  • Two teams: blue and orange.
  • There is a flag at both the left side and right side of the map.
  • You score points for your team by killing enemies and capturing flags.
  • To capture a flag, you have to be on the enemy's flag. You pick it up in your hand as if it were a gun and you need to carry it back to your team's flag. You can store the flag in your secondary weapon slot, but the flag must be in your hand to capture it.
  • A kill is worth 1 EXP and 1 BP. Suicides subtract 1 EXP and 1 BP.
  • Capturing a flag will give you a flag bonus of 10 EXP and 10 BP each.
  • If the game ends early, no flag bonus is awarded.
  • You drop the flag when you die. Your teammates can pick it up and continue to carry it.
  • A maximum of one flag can be carried by the opposing team at any time.

Trivia Edit

  • The flag itself can inflict melee damage.
  • You receive a free weapon upon capturing a flag. You can have this weapon as primary and secondary weapon if you capture multiple flags.
  • Captured flags only score 1 point for your team but you get 10 EXP and 10 BP per captured flag if the game finishes.