The Desert Eagle is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player doesn't need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. Unlike the Uzi and the Magnum the player will spawn with the Desert Eagle as his default secondary weapon as long as he has not purchased the silenced golden Desert Eagle. The Desert Eagle is a semi automatic handgun, but compared to the Magnum its firing rate is pretty fast. It shoots several bullets per second. The magazine holds in general 15 rounds. Plus to the 15 bullets the gun already holds the player will have 50 more backup rounds.

If the player purchases the Pro Pack he will be able to play with one D'Eagle and another handgun at the same time, so he can play with the Dual Wield feature.


Golden Eagle


The maximum zoom with the Desert Eagle is 2x. The accuracy of the Desert Eagle is average. Plus to the more or less fast firing rate and its low demage the D'Eagle is definitely not the weapon for open combat. Even if dual wield is possible it is recommended to change your secondary weapon if you have the chance to. Obviously the D'Eagle is the weakest weapon in the game.

2 balls


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