Experience Points, or sometimes called "EXP" or "EP" are, like in most other games where the player can gain "EXP", used to level up, or, in this game, get promoted, what means that the player reaches a new rank (for example: from Private gets promoted to Private First Class).

Experience points are gained after differernt actions the player can do in the game as shown in the following chart:

Killing an enemy 1 EXP per kill
Ending a match 10 EXP per match
Winning a match 5 EXP per win

Note: Winning a match does not mean getting the most kills, but having the highest score. Your score is displayed as a yellow number on the scoreboard and can be a negative integer. You get 1 point for each kill and lose 1 point for each death.

Notice that when you leave a running match all the EXP you would gain after the match are gone like you never started the match. You can also indeed lose EXP by killing yourself. You lose 1 EXP per suicide, but you still get 10 EXP because you finished the match.

It is also important to know that Experience Points are not the same thing as Battle Points . Every Battle Point is an Experience Point, but not every Experience Point is a Battle Point.

Scholtzi (talk) 00:35, April 3, 2016 (UTC)