Frag That Stub, Cadet!

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Some people hack in Doodle Army 2, mostly with some kind of hack-client. This is to gain an unfair advantage over the battle.

Types of hacks Edit

Although no official name was given to these hacks, the following hacks have been spotted in multiplayer:

Melee Aura Edit

This is characterized by the hacker's avatar having no arms and being able to melee anyone within a set radius that is uncharacteristically larger than the normal melee range. Even if the hacker's avatar isn't even facing or close to the opponent, the opponent will still take damage as if being melee attacked.

Unlimited Health Edit

Pretty self-explanatory. The hacker makes himself have unlimited health, essentially making him invulnerable to everything (except falling off the map). People who have used this hack have been hit by grenades and rocket launchers point-blank and survive.

Unlimited boost Edit

Think of it as the Power boost on steroids. Unlimited boost is associated with unlimited amounts of boosting capability for the whole game so that the hacker can have infinite mobility on the battlefield. When combined with Melee Aura, the hacker can run (or fly) around and kill everyone in his/her path with a flurry of inescapable long-ranged melee attacks.

Levitation Edit

Similar to unlimited boost. The hacker can levitate and fly around without using boost, causing them to freely fly around and destroy everything that gets in their way.

Unlimited fire rate and ammo Edit

Associated with hackers firing an unlimited stream of projectiles. Hackers use this hack in conjunction with rocket launchers to fill the screen with explosives, lag down the game, and slaughter everyone in their path.

Gallery Edit

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Conclusion Edit

Multiplayer hackers deserve to be banned because they ruin the game for everyone.