Fire rateSlow
Reload timeMedium
Dual wieldingNo
Effected by perksNo
Max Zoom7x
Pro Pack neededYes
Rounds per clip4
Default backup rounds20
Max rounds20


  • A very good weapon for long range.
  • A head shot will kill instantly, and any shot below the head takes 1 shot and a melee attack to kill.
  • If the range is set to 7X, a large amount of the map is shown. With 2X view and the zoom set to 7X, you can see almost the entire High Tower map.





Get far enough from the enemy that they cannot see you. Then take aim. Try to get a head shot. You may fire at them but not actually touch them at all while they could be ahead or behind you. Keep in mind that great skill and experience is required to use this weapon at full potential. Once you hit the target in the body, rush him with your melee, or shoot him again with the sniper (only is really effective at long range), or pound him with your other weapons.

Defending againstEdit

Take cover when there is a sniper. Try then to get as close as possible without entering their range, and take them out with a short range or melee weapon, such as a shotgun. Also if there is a Riot Shield nearby, try to pick ASAP.




-This weapon (along with M4 and M14) is best used in "open" and straight maps like Overseer, So Long and Catacombs due to its high range (as we all know)

-This weapon currently has the highest zoom range in the game (7x)

-This is the only weapon with (near) infinite bullet speed.

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