When thrown in air, they explode in approx. 2 seconds. They are unaffected by gravity, and as such cannot be thrown very far. Explodes on human contact after a throw. If it hits a surface it will stick on it and arm. If someone gets close enough to activate it when armed or a frag grenade blow up nearby, it will explode as well. NOTE : It takes a few seconds to arm when it hits a surface. When it is thrown a green light is shown. When it sticks to a surface but not armed a yellow light will show. When the proxy mineis armed there is a red flashing light.


  • Use it at your spawn point. It will stay there until, most likely, someone spawn there and dies on the spot, however please note that this technique can possibly "backfire" you and your teammates if you or they spawn on it too. BEWARE: Do not get too close and accidentally set if off. Make sure you have your rocket boots ready. You can shoot at it before it sticks onto something to blow it up. You can also use it to troll your teammates. Just throw the mine at them and they will die. Don't stand too close or you'll get hit too.
  • You can hide it in a bush so someone cannot see it. When someone goes into the bush, the mine will explode and will most likely kill them because they won't have time to fly away. However, this can also backfire on your teammates because there is no way of telling just your teammates that there's a mine in the bush. Maps with bushes and other places for hiding mines are Outpost, Pyramid, So Long, Icebox, Snow Blind.

Defending againstEdit

Avoid it or set it off with a frag grenade or an EMP. It has a red flashing light in the middle, so be careful.