Frag That Stub, Cadet!

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Sarge returns in Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia as a deutragonist. He is present as a trainer on Solo Play (Both Survival and Training) and as an unlockable skin when downloading Doodle Army: Boot Camp.
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Gameplay Edit

The player will first meet Sarge on Solo Play ( Training ) and will guide you on how to control and do the gameplay.


Script Edit

During your gameplay, Sarge will talk few words just like the in Doodle Army. Here is his script:

Sarge: Welcome to officer candidate school Cadet.

Cadet: Sarge! I thought you were dead!

Sarge: I ain't got time to be dead!

Sarge: You're looking for mighty green soldier, so lets start with the basics.

Sarge: Now have a look around with the aiming controls.

Sarge: Good Job Cadet! Time for some weapons training.

Sarge: Pick up weapons with the action button.

Sarge: Now touch the target to zoom.

Sarge: Ready for a live fire drill cadet?

Sarge: Pull the aim outward to fire. Stay in the center to aim.

Sarge: Fire at will cadet!

Sarge: Not bad, now try some targets!

Sarge: Try throwing a few grenades!

Sarge: Ah, I'll love the smell of explosives in the morning.

Sarge: Time to see what your made of Cadet. Meet Mecha Doodle. The soldier of the future, a perfect fighting machine. Think you can destroy this one Cadet?

Mecha Doodle: No Disassemble!

Sarge: What is your major malfunction robot!

Mecha Doodle: Destroy! Destroy!

Sarge: Stand down robot! That's an order! Is that the best you got bolt face? I've seen more nuts in a toaster oven. Ah! Get over here Cadet!

Sarge: Use the melee button!

Mecha Doodle: Ill be back!

Sarge: Thanks Cadet. Lets move we got to find that awol robot! You'll need to use your rocket boots! Jump by pushing up on the movement control. Hold the jump to engage thrust!

Sarge: You got it Cadet! See you back on the base soldier!