Fire rateSlow
Reload timeAverage
Dual wieldingNO
Effected by perksYes:
  • Laser Sight
Max Zoom2x
Pro Pack neededNo
Rounds per clip5
Default backup rounds30
Max rounds30


  • A great weapon for close range.
  • It shoots many bullets at a time.
  • They are very powerful only good close range though, so you need a long range weapon as a backup.





Get close up to someone. A full shot will kill instantly. It is also advisable to keep a ranged weapon with you too.

On maps like Outpost and So Long (pvp maps), these maps bushes can be used to hide and wait till someone approaches, then you can use this weapon to surprisingly kill them (but dont forget to run after this)

Defending againstEdit

Use a longer ranged weapon. The shotgun's range is very short, so it will do less damage the farther away you are (bullet spread). It is advisable to have a shield to block the damage taken, if you use a close ranged weapon.




-If fired correctly, it can cause the player's "flesh" to get "knocked-off" backward at few distance

-This weapon currently has the shortest zoom range in the game along with Desert Eagle (2x)

See AlsoEdit

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